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As our Coder Cup events have grown over the past three years, we ve seen SunGard technologists from around the globe coming together to create something new and different.
With Central Learning, HIM and revenue cycle leaders identify coding skill/knowledge gaps, determine coders' strengths and weaknesses, trend coder productivity and quality, and gain valuable revenue impact intelligence for the implementation of ICD-10.
The new Linx laser coders are more intuitive--easy to use, with the new LinxVision[R] colour touch screen, incorporating a large WYSIWYG display for simple operation.
By transferring the entire coding department and need for coder training to an outside partner, we are relieving our organization of the entire coder staffing worry," says Pedro Melendez, CEO, Hospital General Menonita, Cayey, Puerto Rico.
God, Steve Jobs, made Apples for designers and the other God, Bill Gates, made PCs for coders (although, it must be said, coders are as likely to be antiMicrosoft as designers, it is just they are realists and know it's a Microsoft world out there).
Tuition for the ICD-9 for ICD-10 Coders course is $395.
The company claims that more and more customers are turning to laser coders like the high-powered Markem-Imaje 7031HD, not only to code yoghurt films and stick-type packs (coffee, sugar, etc.
A coder might only be scheduled to do diagnostics coding once a week--so they haven't all had the opportunity to spend a lot of focused time using the system and yet we've already seen a 17 percent average increase in coder productivity.
The first part of this project is looking at accreditation of Irish coder training.
MathWorks today announced the availability of MATLAB Coder, which enables design engineers to automatically generate readable, portable C and C++ code directly from their MATLAB algorithms.
The 2014 CODER Workshop will connect individuals and research from across academe, industry and government to foster collaboration and promote the long-term goal of developing policies, laws and systems that will lead to the effective remediation and control of orbital debris.
Machines on show will include the low cost ICON laser coder, popular entry-level 53LTi thermal transfer printer, flexible 55SST coder, designed to offer intermittent and continuous printing options in one unit, and a space-saving ACF400 offline carton machine fitted with a Super Compact hot foil coder.
PHNS developed its innovative Coder Development Program for outpatient hospital coding in order to develop a source of new well-trained medical coders that can bridge the knowledge gap between student graduates and entry level coders.
April 2, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Coder Foundry announced it will launch its premiere coding school to teach computer programming and secure jobs for individuals interested in app or web development.