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a set of conventional principles and expectations that are considered binding on any person who is a member of a particular group

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EC had issued code of conduct first on April, 16 and then on May, 7.
However, within the agency's Code of Conduct, there were a few exceptions for gifts from those who were not wine and spirits vendors or contractors.
Addressing on the occasion, Additional Secretary of Information and Broadcasting Muhammad Azam said that media must evolve a self regulatory mechanism and follow the code of conduct for media.
Definition of the building process of the Code of Conduct, the methodology to be implemented and the strategies of facilitation, all in close collaboration with the members of the Ethics WG.
Jameel Al-Sabaei, a member of the General Youth Union-Yemen and one of the code of conduct signatories, said, "the civil society organizations which signed this code of conduct are committed to abide by it.
He is also alleged to have made contemptuous remarks against the Model Code of Conduct.
A negative view of the industry has been fostered in the past due to issues concerning customer privacy, misleading or deceptive claims, and complaints and refunds, and it is these issues that the code of conduct intends to tackle.
The recent article in the Telegraph gave the impression that this was not so and people would be free to comply with the school's code of conduct if they wished.
Nevertheless, she adds, "our code of conduct will be so strict that, in theory, it would prevent even this--transporting microbes from one place to another.
He declined to weigh in on whether the coalition's code of conduct is an idea with merit.
When testing company-level controls, use an organization-wide survey to gauge employee awareness of the company's mission, vision and core strategies, adherence to the code of conduct and comfort level with the whistleblower hotline.
Very few were related to potential violations of the code of conduct.
It is helpful for the code of conduct to expressly state that all staff members "must treat others with respect, courtesy and dignity and conduct themselves in a professional and cooperative manner.
notes, "In addition to standard controls, such as a code of conduct and good background checks, other controls could also be used.
Every organization has an official, or formal, code of conduct that sets forth the responsibilities of its employees and the rules and regulations governing employee conduct.
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