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a set of conventional principles and expectations that are considered binding on any person who is a member of a particular group

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article 10 and 11 from the code of conduct for judges in Pakistan in the existing code to make it at par with the second one.
They agreed to conduct joint patrol and to a code of conduct, then we have more reason to have a positive outlook.
A code of conduct is a legal document and must be drafted within the broader legal parameters provided by the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa, 1996.
To me a code of conduct would be expected for things like attending group meetings or treating people with respect.
Also according to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Alphabet's new code of conduct is shorter than Google's as it does not include mannerisms related to co-worker relationships, pets, alcohol at work and more.
Michael Hwang, chief justice of the DIFC Courts, said: "With the number of registered DIFC Courts practitioners increasing steadily in recent years, it has been imperative to maintain a robust, sophisticated and effective Code of Conduct that ensures the highest standards of professional conduct from lawyers operating in the DIFC.
Bramha said that Kejriwal had violated the Model Code of Conduct.
The successful bidder would be required to service the mortgages in accordance with the Central bank's Code of conduct on Mortgage Arrears.
Jameel Al-Sabaei, a member of the General Youth Union-Yemen and one of the code of conduct signatories, said, "the civil society organizations which signed this code of conduct are committed to abide by it.
A negative view of the industry has been fostered in the past due to issues concerning customer privacy, misleading or deceptive claims, and complaints and refunds, and it is these issues that the code of conduct intends to tackle.
The recent article in the Telegraph gave the impression that this was not so and people would be free to comply with the school's code of conduct if they wished.
Nevertheless, she adds, "our code of conduct will be so strict that, in theory, it would prevent even this--transporting microbes from one place to another.
An advocacy group is undertaking a nationwide campaign to encourage the real estate industry to support a code of conduct to assure that homebuyers and sellers receive accurate appraisals.
By promoting the use of those who have agreed to the code of conduct, the public can be aware of those who have confirmed their desire to provide accurate, compliant and fair appraisals and valuation," said John Taylor, President & CEO of NCRC.
One example is the control environment itself, which includes the tone at the top, the corporate code of conduct, policies and procedures, the assignment of authority and responsibility, management's risk assessment processes, fraud-prevention efforts and other company-wide programs that apply to all locations and business units.
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