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a set of conventional principles and expectations that are considered binding on any person who is a member of a particular group

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Without a code of behavior, there will be no doubt that tension will rise in the region," Natalegawa said at the news conference.
Among the topics he covers are rules beyond the policy manual, cubicle life, meetings, performance reviews, change, customer service, the unwritten code of behavior, business travel and tools, and the laws of convergence.
accept a common code of behavior that their electorates sustain.
Inmates more or less govern themselves - and with a code of behavior that many U.
Counselors may also coordinate mentoring programs, facilitate programs that can train students to deal with their peers and anger, and conduct regular discussion groups to address the school district's code of behavior and disciplinary policies.
January-February 2003)--that as Christians we are ultimately bound to a religious code of behavior above and beyond that imposed upon us as citizens of a particular country--I feel that it is important to question the idea of "nationalism," whether the "nation" being pledged to is a traditional nation-state or a particular religious community.
A much more profoundly rooted code of behavior and action arises naturally from the direct realizations that come while seated quietly in deep stillness.
It includes participating in Library events, from the "meet and greet" that accompanied our Code of Behavior initiative, to the holiday party.
At the time Evenhuis was naming Phthiria relativitae, the voluntary code of behavior in the nomenclature rules disparaged humorous names, so he realized that a vigilant journal might reject his choice.
companies would adopt a code of behavior and be allowed to regulate themselves.
The new concern for interracial etiquette has clearly arisen in response to the decline of the older code of behavior under segregation and recognition of the horrors of that system.
Hollywood has a rigid code of behavior for industry screenings, but the rules are slightly different for benefit premieres.
Drawing on Vico's engravings, Alciati's emblemata, Petrarch's Trionfi, and Egyptian hieroglyphs, Genovesi explains the fantastic collection of musicians, satyrs, buffoons, nudes, birds, and animals as contrasting allusions to ethical versus immoral conduct which constitute a code of behavior under the guidance of Tuti, whose emblem (the knotted stick) appears repeatedly.
Utsumi Bunzo^O, the novel's antihero protagonist, refuses to compromise the ancient code of behavior ingrained in him by his samurai background.
In the combat zone, where "only machine gun fire brings us / together," where interracial camaraderie has immediate survival value, a different code of behavior prevails: