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one of an international code of flag signals used between ships

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For centuries, people have communicated in code by using hieroglyphics, smoke signals, cattle brands, sign language, braille, semaphores, Morse Code, and boating's International Code Flags to name a few.
Tell your students that they will be making real code flags called semaphores.
55pm) - live minute preparatory signal Code flag P hoisted and cannon bred.
00pm) - starting signal - Code flag Wand Code flag P dropped and cannon bred.
The fade-resistant vinyl stickers are printed in seven colours and have been enlarged to 36cm x 16cm to be the same size as the International Code Flag Sticker.
You were starting under Code flag "I" and his tape recorder shows Twin Sister one metre over the line at 50 seconds.
The Race Committee uses code flag "V" raised and lowered during the last two minutes to show when any boat is over the line.
55pm:five-minute Preparatory Signal -- Code flag P hoisted and cannon fired.
00pm: Starting Signal -- Event Flag and Code flag P dropped and cannon fired.