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someone who pampers or spoils by excessive indulgence

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We've been looking for the perfect egg coddler for two years," she said.
Arroyo has been getting flak recently for tagging a television news anchor as a coddler for bailing out a suspected terrorist.
These eggs are wonderful complements for flowers and bunnies and will become the centers of attention when artistically placed in antique silver egg coddlers on a buffet or down the dining table for Easter lunch.
Instead of answering these questions, the Republican candidates have spent their time blasting one another as coddlers of illegal immigrants and supporters of ''amnesty.
This time, as opposed to 2004, the dirty depiction of Democrats as coddlers of terrorists did not sell.
were cooked on the stove in Wagenfeld egg coddlers, fueled by wood
it's obvious that this high-minded attempt to bypass the terrorist coddlers in Afghanistan is a self-defeating farce.
He plunges head-on into those nebulous topographies social scientists like to call the "space of flows," casting abstracted labor into relief and putting commodity fetishism before the fun-house mirror: Starling has obtained balsa wood from Ecuador to make a model of a French Farman Mosquito airplane, which was then flown in Australia; built a scale replica of the Wagenfeld Museum--a former prison that also served as production site for egg coddlers, among other things--to be used as a henhouse; melted down and recast (as each other) an Eames Aluminum Group Chair and a Mann Sausalito mountain bike; and driven a red 1974 Italian Fiat from Turin, where it is no longer made, to the Fiat plant in Warsaw, where he added new white Polish parts before returning the car to Turin.