cod-liver oil

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an oil obtained from the livers of cod and similar fishes

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They found that 86 percent of the osteoarthritis patients who bad taken the cod-liver oil produced less or none of a cartilage-eroding enzyme, compared with 26 percent of those getting a placebo.
Indeed the evidence he marshals has given me new understanding of my paternal grandmother's daily regimen of cod-liver oil, bran, and yeast, as well as her propensity to comment on the shape, size and consistency of other people's feces.
The Queen's grandson has been dating 26-year-old Elizabeth, daughter of a US cod-liver oil multi-millionaire, for three years.
Children given vitamin D - usually in the form of cod-liver oil - had an 80pc reduced risk of becoming diabetic.
Children given vitamin D, usually in the form of cod-liver oil, had an 80% reduced risk of becoming diabetic.