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It's no surprise that Le Creuset's first Flame-colored cocotte came in 1925-a time when France led the world in reinventing modern cuisine.
In "Protesta," the pure Shakespearean Ophelia is depicted as a cocotte.
The cook gives retro recipes the express treatment, providing a modern twist to oeufs en cocotte and whipping up a Fifties dinner with goujons of sole and dill mayonnaise.
The cook gives retro recipes the express treatment,providing a modern twist to oeufs en cocotte.
It's something you'd add to the dish you're making ( whether it's scrambled eggs or egg en cocotte or something ( fairly late in the cooking process, so you don't spoil or remove all this wonderful flavour that's there.
The technique is in the pot thanks to Alsace-based Staub's limited-edition Coq au Vin Cocotte.
HENRY Cecil's filly factory keeps churning out winners and 7-4 shot Lucayan Princess (S Cauthen) proves too smart for Hern's 11-8 fav Cocotte (W Carson) in the Sweet Solera Stakes.
The shameless cocotte Venus, wheedling her husband Vulcan for armour for Aeneas, her son by Anchises, disrobes aided by a passing amoretto and Vulcan himself in Vulcan and Venus (1754).
Quoique "mal ne," et encore plus mal marie a une ancienne cocotte, Odette de Crecy, Swann a pourtant toute une vie mondaine.
The round cocotte casserole dish starts at pounds 45 while the Gourmand fondue set costs pounds 60.
He holds shares in the expensive courtesan Diana de Lorge 'meramente por civismo, para dotar a cidade com uma cocotte monumental' but significantly neither knows nor cares what colour her skin is 'dos ombros para baixo' (p.
They were subtitled La cocotte ["The Tart"], La grosse allemande ["Fat Frau"], and La belle juive ["Beautiful Jewess"], but the captions, not surprisingly, never found their way onto the published pages.
The Sheraton's culinary team produced many unique menu items for the Kitchen Party including hand-pulled mozzarella cheese and curried lobster in Cocotte.
Rachel, who hosts The Little Paris Kitchen, learnt her trade in Paris tea salon, La Cocotte, before starting a successful career as a food writer and TV chef.