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small tropical American tree bearing edible plumlike fruit

plum-shaped whitish to almost black fruit used for preserves

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No Latitud/Longitud Localidad 58 9[grados]05'59"N/81[grados]58'40"W Roca Chiriqui (parche) 59 9[grados]08'23"N/81[grados]56'561"W Punta Bluefield 60 9[grados]09'08"N/81[grados]55'14"W Punta Creek 61 9[grados]09'22"N/81[grados]54'34"W Punta Alegre 62 9[grados]10'40"N/81[grados]56'17"W Roca Virginia 63 9[grados]12'46"N/81[grados]55'36"W Cayos Tigre Medio 64 9[grados]11'11"N/81[grados]52'55"W Cusapin 65 9[grados]09'00"N/81[grados]51'07"W Cayo Paloma Sur 66 9[grados]07'50"N/81[grados]47'58"W Cayo Platano Grande 67 9[grados]04'55"N/81[grados]48'53"W Zapadilla 68 9[grados]04'32"N/91[grados]45'38"W Punta Old Bess 69 9[grados]01'53"N/81[grados]42'42"W Punta Cocoplum 70 8[grados]48'08"N/81[grados]23'39"W Rio Pasaula 71 8[grados]47'46"N/81[grados]15'53"W Rio Toncri No m 58 8.
A Miami gated community, Cocoplum, is about to hire a lawyer to keep O.
gumbo limbo (Bursera simaruba) and cocoplum (Chrysobalanus icaco).
Water sources include treated water purchased from the Peace River/Manasota Regional Water Supply Authority (rated 'AA-' with a Stable Outlook by Fitch) as well as raw water from Myakkahatchee Creek and Cocoplum Waterway.
The City of North Port will receive sealed bids for a professional, licensed, and qualified Contractor(s) capable of providing all labor, equipment, and materials in accordance with the specifications for the bridge work located on FDOT Bridges: Item 1 175000 (North Port Blvd Over Cocoplum Waterway) Item 2 175005 (Cranberry Blvd.
I also heard the rumor [of James looking in Gables Estates]," said broker Consuelo Stewart of Shelton & Stewart in South Miami, who is currently showing homes in Gables Estates and in nearby and equally ritzy, Cocoplum.
pine above Chrysobalanaceae Chrysobalanus Cocoplum Foliar--abaxial icaco L.
Would you know a cocoplum, graytwig, guiana-plum, seven-year-apple, long-stalk stopper, or balsam torchwood if you saw one?
Design work is in process to widen Sumter Boulevard to four lanes, add a new bridge over the Cocoplum Waterway and supply underground utility work.