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Synonyms for cocoon

Words related to cocoon

silky envelope spun by the larvae of many insects to protect pupas and by spiders to protect eggs

Related Words

retreat as if into a cocoon, as from an unfriendly environment

Related Words

wrap in or as if in a cocoon, as for protection

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Cocoon has sold out of all of its first line and the next run will be delivered in October.
The girl answers "corn cakes" as she takes the pan to the oven where the silkworm cocoons are boiling.
Cocoon offers versions for Firefox, Internet Explorer, Chrome, and iOS.
Having reached number five on the Beat Port Tech House Charts, Missy Jay will defiantly take Cocoon Lounge to another level of partying.
Diagnostic laparoscopy in this era has a major role in the management of rare causes of intestinal obstruction such as abdominal cocoon (5).
Feeding trials with different varieties of mulberry in relation of cocoon crop performance and incidence of loss due to disease.
54%, as seen in Table 1, while coffee stored outside the Cocoon went from 10.
Many caterpillars create silk tentlike cocoons to keep predators like wasps from stinging them or from laying eggs inside their bodies.
may need the mother's assistance to emerge, while Marechal (1994) observed that spiderlings of the diplurid Ischnotele guianensis (Walckenaer 1837) are able to hatch by themselves from the cocoon without external help.
Cocoon is believed to be the first-ever lens cleaner to wind up into a protective case and can be attached to a key ring or a bag for quick cleaning on the move.
The inside of the cocoon is a soft and enticing tunnel into which adults and children alike can burrow and enjoy a tranquil refuge from the scurrying cares of the world.
Extensive use of construction materials with recycled content, such as cocoon insulation made up of 80 percent post-consumer content, tile with 50 percent post-industrial content and carpet with 10 percent post-industrial content
Laura, four, spotted the bug in its cocoon when she cracked open a pistachio shell.
The ATV Cocoon is a type of overcoat that helps protect the rider from snow, wind, rain and mud.