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a valuable timber tree of tropical South America

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The Encyclopedia of Wood includes information about cocobolo and describes its relation to other members of the dalbergia family.
Cocobolo is used to make gun grips, knife handles, pool cues, police batons, brush backs, and musical instruments, such as guitars, drums, and basses, as it has been found to have acoustic properties.
Cocobolo, Granadillo (Dalbergia retusa): Native to the Pacific coast of Central America from SW Mexico to Panama.
Second Story, 2005, for example, is made from cocobolo, a dark wood that immediately evokes a nineteenth-century drawing room.
As a side note, Mathews offers nine different woods, Jaotba, Zebra Koa, Fishtail Oak, Paduk, Bubinga, Purple Heart, Boisderose, East Indian Rosewood, and Cocobolo to customize the look of your grip.
This table was constructed of Cocobolo wood and brass.
The models, furnished by Cocobolo of Armonk, will be available for viewing during the spring of '04.
Shortly after receiving the two long-scale basses,he ordered two more Series II basses (one Cocobolo and one AAAAA quiltedmaple).
com) that sells wooden duck calls, including the always-popular Cocobolo Bourbon and Cocobolo Clear varieties.
Yet another style, fashioned from the harder cocobolo wood, featured a combination of inlaid work on the drop front only with ornately carved drawers inside.
The maple for the dumbbells (above left) cost about $10; the cocobolo for the hand weights (left and above), $15; walnut for the barbell blocks, $11.
We are currently testing our solar powered Sun SPOTs in the Cocobolo Nature Reserve in Panama to research and implement a wireless sensor network and geographic information system (GIS) on the 1,000-acre reserve," David Abernathy, professor of geography at Warren Wilson College said.
The magazine well of the Range was beveled, aiding in faster reloads, and the pistol was equipped with Springfield's "Cross Cannon" logo double diamond cocobolo grips.
The back and sides of brilliant orange and black grained solid cocobolo are combined with a torrefied Adirondack spruce top - Martin's Vintage Tone System (VTS) - delicately scalloped with high performance bracing for a complex and vibrant tone - a perfect example of The Custom Shop's skill and taste.
This is an easy upgrade with Majestic's checkered, Cocobolo grips available with either a thumb rest for right-handed shooters or with ambidextrous swells on both the right and left sides.