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Synonyms for cocoa

a beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar

powder of ground roasted cacao beans with most of the fat removed

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Chicago, IL, has introduced two new hot cocoas to satisfy consumers' need for something rich and creamy, while also providing a nutritional boost.
Drying the beans reduces the risk of mold and fungi, and preserves the cocoas desirable taste and aroma.
That's the promise of a cocoa bean-drying technology recently introduced in Uganda by the Italian chocolate company ICAM, based north of Milan.
Typically, cocoa farmers spread harvested beans on the ground and dry them in the sun, down to about 10% moisture content.
A variety of regular-flavored cocoas are excellent for inclusion in gift baskets as well.
Cocoa is even more appealing to those who don't drink coffee or tea, and cocoa can supplant either of those over a hot scone or a plate of freshly baked cookies.
Everyone knows that cocoa is the perfect treat to come home to after skating or building snowmen, but too often, we forget that cocoa can also be very satisfying in the warmer months as well.
Norman Hollenberg, MD, PhD, Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School, presented epidemiological findings that suggest flavanol-rich foods, such as specific cocoas, could provide an unexpectedly large benefit in the management of the two most common causes of death in today's world: cardiovascular disease and cancer.
For example, the flavanol (-)epicatechin - a nutrient especially abundant in certain cocoas - is also found in certain fruit and vegetables, such as apples and grapes.
This year when the temperatures drop, raise your customers' spirits with a Rococoa Festival featuring your selection of specialty cocoas and the work of local artists.
Remind customers that cocoa is a great summer beverage with a Cocoa Beach Display that highlights your selection of specialty cocoas.
Unsweetened cocoa powder, which is very bitter, is formed after the cocoa beans are roasted and a substantial amount of cocoa butter is removed.
Hot cocoa mixes contain sugar (always the first ingredient), whey, corn syrup, cocoa, nonfat dry milk, partially hydrogenated oils, various thickeners, artificial flavors, and sodium (120 to 160 milligrams per serving).