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Synonyms for cocoa

a beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar

powder of ground roasted cacao beans with most of the fat removed

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Mondelez International, through its Cocoa Life program, is leading the cocoa industry to engage on an approach to reduce deforestation in the cocoa supply chain in Cote d'Ivoire," said Jean Paul Aka, Head of National REDD+ Strategy and Private Sector Commitment.
A key element is encouraging better agricultural practices, including weeding and pruning, planting shade trees to protect the cocoa from rising temperatures and ensuring the best number of plants per acre.
Debbas is Cocoa Crate's exclusive Chocolatier and he has won numerous awards including, "The Best Product Line" and "Grand Champion" three years in a row at the America's Best Professional Food Competition.
In addition to phytonutrients, cocoa powder contains vitamins, minerals, and other valuable nutrients.
The association frowned at the attitude of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture of procuring inputs for cocoa without consulting the association who can put the officials of the ministry on the right track.
Through this collaboration, we can be even more efficient in safeguarding the environment and helping cocoa farmers become resilient against climate change," said Hubert Weber, executive vice president and president Europe at Mondelez International based in Deerfield.
There are also a range of sweet and savoury condiments, to enjoy with your cakes and ice cream,such as spiced cocoa nib ketchup, cocoa balsamic and chocolate orange marmalade.
In their recent review published in Frontiers in Nutrition, Italian researchers examined the available literature for the effects of acute and chronic administration of cocoa flavanols on different cognitive domains.
It is part of a PS310 million investment over 10 years across six countries by Cadbury-owner Mondelez International to secure future cocoa supplies.
Theobroma, which is the Latin name for cocoa means "food of gods.
With grand hopes of moving beyond the simple export of cocoa beans, new initiatives have been put in place by the government for the West African country to finally make inroads into the highly lucrative chocolate market.
NO-CALORIE TREATS "Cocoa butter is extracted from cocoa beans and melts at body temperature," says Cherry.
maker of CocoaVia supplement, has been a leader in cocoa flavanol research.
Food and beverage manufacturers seeking to meet the growing demand amongst Asian consumers for chocolate and cocoa products will benefit from a greater availability of high quality cocoa powders following the inauguration of Cargill's cocoa processing facility in Gresik, Indonesia.