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Synonyms for cocoa

a beverage made from cocoa powder and milk and sugar

powder of ground roasted cacao beans with most of the fat removed

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The biennial Cocoa of Excellence award seeks to promote the professionalization and sustainability of the cocoa supply chain by recognizing and promoting its quality around the world.
We have been sourcing cocoa in Indonesia since 1995, and we are committed to supporting sustainable agricultural production and a responsible cocoa supply in the country.
Initially the partnership is focusing on activities to support cocoa farmers and communities in West Africa to deliver sustainable cocoa to Mondelyoz International, with plans to expand to Indonesia already explored.
Cocoa Family has been in the organic cocoa bean farming and growing business for decades, providing raw products for U.
Most cocoa farmers are smallholders who face many challenges: low productivity, pests and disease, market inefficiencies and limited access to quality education and healthcare.
It is not for nothing that the cocoa industry is examining how it does business.
A company statement said: "The proposal is not a reflection on the quality of ADM Cocoa Hull's product or people.
The easiest ones to make have an outer coating of cocoa powder or chopped nuts instead of a hard-tempered chocolate shell.
Both the regular hot cocoa and sugar-free hot cocoa resulted in improved blood flow within two hours of consumption, compared with a placebo that had no impact.
2005) stated that the presence of contaminant lead in cocoa bean shells is substantiated by the concentrations of lead in the soil profiles.
Located at the intersection of Wall, Pearl and Beaver Streets, the residence is named Cocoa Exchange, paying homage to its former life and the sign that still adorns its facade.
Cocoa beans are produced by the cacao tree (Theobroma cacao) and can only be grown 20 degrees from the equator (see "Enlightened Indulgence," Eating Right, July/August 2001).
The BBC and the Chicago Sun-Times are reporting that the increased violence and political unrest in Ivory Coast have disrupted cocoa supplies from that nation, the world's biggest cocoa producer, closing its ports which ship more than 40% of the world's cocoa production.
Chemical analysis of residues from ancient Maya vessels that had been unwashed for 2 millennia has revealed that the pots held cocoa almost 1,000 years before its previously known earliest use.