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Furious Commons public accounts committee chairman Edward Leigh said: "The programme to make them airworthy has been a gold standard cockup.
Indeed, there have been more than a few occasions when a dinner has whistled by my head as she bawled at me over some cockup or other.
Smith blasted over from a cracking Miller cross then a cockup from the Dons' keeper almost let Imrie in but he shot wildly over with the goal at his mercy.
Either this is a monumental cockup, or Russell Goodway is giving a two-fingered salute to the democratic process.
On the other hand, I would caution that it would be a great pity if an almighty, if playful, cockup were allowed to lead to wholesale revolution.
I wasn't surprised to see UEFA put a big game in the wrong stadium, and, having been warned of their cockup, refuse to switch it and fail to ensure proper segregation.
Great Cockup and its smaller neighbour Little Cockup are fells in the Lake District visited by television presenter Denis Norden for which out-take programme?
Patients was treated with cockup splint and nerve stimulation, which recovered in about 12 weeks.
To allay the fears of people from Y Farteg, the following places in England are very proud of their names: Titty Hill (near Portsmouth), Thong (Kent), Shitterton & Wetwang (Dorset), and I believe that the Labour group in the Senedd will feel at home in Great Cockup (near Bassenthwaite in Cumbria).
WE'VE become accustomed to a Government that ever since the days of the Millennium Dome has demonstrated an unremitting record of monstrous mismanagement, calamitous cockup and prodigious waste.
Asda put it down as "a cockup and not a conspiracy".
Then a Caldwell blunder from a straightforward long ball sent Boyd rushing clear on goal but Andersson atoned for his cockup by staying big and winning the head-to-head battle with a vital outstretched foot.