cocktail sauce

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usually catsup with horseradish and lemon juice

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Replace cocktail sauce with equal parts mayo and sour cream, seasoned with lime or lemon juice and a dash of cayenne.
o Served hot with cocktail sauce and clarified butter with a lemon wedge on the side.
More cake than crab tasting, they were bready, spicy and brittle, also served with red cocktail sauce.
Avocado shrimp cocktail: In a food processor, combine the flesh of 3 avocados with 1/2 cup cocktail sauce, 2 tablespoons horseradish, the juice of 1 lime, a splash of hot sauce and a bit of salt and pepper.
What's golden brown and crunchy, delightfully chewy and irresistible when it comes piled high in a basket with a side of cocktail sauce or marinara?
To make the cocktail sauce, combine the ingredients together and chill until required.
I have long enjoyed these fruits, with prawns and cocktail sauce, or topped with curried crab and cooked in the oven, or thrown into a liquidiser with lime juice and lime zest and served as a dip, or rolled in seaweed with smoked salmon and cucumber and chopped into sushi.
Inglehoffer Seafood Cocktail Sauce is made with real horseradish root and contains no high fructose corn syrup, according to officials for the Beaverton, Ore.
We began with prawn and avocado cocktail with spicy tomato salsa and cocktail sauce topped with a deep fried tiger prawn.
3 To serve, spread a little cocktail sauce on each crostini, top with a lettuce leaf and add a spoonful of the prawn cocktail mix.
She then goes on to admit that her favourite foods include oysters and cocktail sauce, or chips with baked stuffed lobster.
50) and he chose prawn cocktail sauce and croutons for his lettuce.
The 14-piece set has more than 30 sound recordings to liven up indoor and outdoor playtimes NEW at Marks and Spencer, the Special Day Picnic Box for Two, pounds 18, above, contains two Sauvignon Blanc wine goblets, a mini sub roll selection, king prawns and cocktail sauce and two fresh strawberry tarts, from the store's Food to Order range
There was a mind-boggling choice, with bacon, with honey mustard dressing, stilton and blue cheese dressing, classic cocktail sauce and croutons and, as recommended by our waiter, garlic and chive mayonnaise with parmesan shavings.