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Synonyms for cocksureness

total certainty or greater certainty than circumstances warrant

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Then we cut immediately to Gordo Cooper, exuding the same cocksureness of Yeager as he rests comfortably in the much more sophisticated spacecraft that will soon launch him into history.
It is this cocksureness, by which those who wield sexual and social power maintain their grip, that Woolf's 'semiotic' fiction could be seen as challenging.
A not-too-smug Tenney gets all of Gould's cocksureness .
Unquestionably a candidate for Star Wars' number one fan, Ross is sufficiently distanced to gently poke fun at it as well - mocking Luke's teenage petulance and circa 70s feathered hair, Han's cocksureness (with some Michael Jackson-style crotch grabbing) and when Darth Vader's helmet is finally removed, he is not in fact James Earl Jones.
Amery's cocksureness on the flight back to Britain had clearly disappeared.
The cocksureness of Evertonians, brought about by the unfamiliar heady heights near the top of the league table, just had to be put into its place
The troubles and disasters the United States is facing ''do not stem from threats by others, but from its own cocksureness and arrogance,'' it said.