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Synonyms for cocksure

Synonyms for cocksure

marked by excessive confidence

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EastEnders Ian's come a long way in getting back to his usual cocksure, opinionated self after his stint on the streets.
The cocksure libertarian kicks over a newspaper box when headlines report a minimum wage increase.
To be that cocksure and so completely at ease in a top-flight game when aged only 16 was an indication of the type of talent Everton had on their hands.
He wasn't quite so cocksure when it came to British history though - the PM fell flat in Letterman's citizenship test when he failed to name the writer of Rule Brittania, or translate Magna Carta.
Young Guns (9pm) Emilio Estevez, left, makes a cocksure Billy the Kid in this Brat Pack revenge Western.
She faces stiff competition from cocksure northern rockers Arctic Monkeys, baby-faced crooner Jake Bugg, London dance duo Disclosure and evergreen pop icon David Bowie.
The Cocksure Lads arrive in Toronto for their first ever North American tour and break up 10 minutes later," says the publicity.
I loved Rex Makin's quote, that the stupid are cocksure while the intelligent are in doubt.
So Liverpool will take to the Emirates pitch tonight with the cocksure swagger of a team who have picked up maximum points from their first two games of the season.
Chris Pine's first turn as a cocksure young James T Kirk in a bright, reboot from the clever bods at Bad Robot.
It lies in the fact that it is an utterly mediocre mess that seems cocksure about itself.
The cocksure left-hander, who struck 20 fours and a six, is clearly at the top of his form and will probably be a warm order at 3-1 with Blue Square to top-score for the tourists again tomorrow.
He was very cocksure and quite an arrogant lad and he hasn't grown out of that.
THE one commodity cocksure El Nino will never be short of is confidence.
When I first met him he was very cocksure and quite arrogant - he hasn't grown out of that.