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a person who performs fellatio

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The terms of the description are hardly friendly, and the gay men dancing are "fairy boys," "gay sisters," with no "religion but the/old one of cocksuckers.
All these cocksuckers want out of me is "how can I get
48) Indeed, Al, worried that people will spend the evening hunting down those responsible--rather than spending their gold on drink and women--gives a rousing speech in which he offers a bounty of fifty dollars for the "decapitated head of as many of these godless heathen cocksuckers anyone can bring in.
Robbins, "The Library of Congress and Federal Loyalty Programs, 1947-1956: No 'Communists or Cocksuckers,'" Library Quarterly 64, no.
Despite the masculine codes, there sure are a lot of cocksuckers in town.
You can hear a gasp in the audience when Wieners announces "A Poem for Cocksuckers," from his landmarks Hotel Wentley Poems: