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compartment where the pilot sits while flying the aircraft

a pit for cockfights

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seat where the driver sits while driving a racing car

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European countries are the major markets for the cockpit display in land vehicles.
For airline regulators, immediate changes need to be strictly enforced, with two persons being mandated in the cockpit at all times.
Both smoking and passengers visiting the cockpit are strictly prohibited in most of the airlines, including Malaysia Airlines.
Developed at Thales s cockpit innovation hub, in Bordeaux, France, the Avionics 2020 cockpit has brought together pilots, researchers, engineers, psychologists, physicians and world-class experts in the field of human-machine interfaces and has resulted in a cockpit design that is entirely centred around the pilot.
An Air India official admits the cockpit was in air hostess control for 20 minutes, sources say 40, but Director General of Civil Aviation Arun Mishra has said that the air hostesses stayed in the cockpit for the " larger part of the three- hour flight".
Mechanics, entering the Black Hawk cockpit from the cabin during maintenance can be a double-jointed exercise that puts the center console in harm's way.
The Associated Press reported that the hijacker burst into the cockpit and claimed to have an accomplice in the cabin, driving initial fears that the hijacking was part of a broader plot.
Once in charge of the cockpit, however, the leader becomes a pillar of dreadful resolve, icily putting the 757 into a steep dive before leveling off at a shockingly low altitude in order to follow the landscape to the intended target--the U.
The 30% cost savings Siemens VDO is claiming for CESAR (when compared to an instrument panel with the same content, features, quality, and styling using current cockpit technology) comes from use of a common structure, parts reduction through module integration, and a significant reduction in redundancy due to the new electrical architecture.
The HAC attempted to flick the switch aft using his kneeboard but hit the cockpit dome light switch instead, flooding the cockpit with non-NVG compatible red dome lights.
Performance goals for the prototype include achieving both sub-millimeter position and sub-milliradian orientation tracking accuracy suitable for cockpit environments.
The cockpit doors are currently secured by a metal latch and a steel reinforcing bar, however the intruder on the flight from Miami to Buenos Aires, Argentina, managed to damage the 10-inch "kickout" panel at the bottom of the cockpit door and attempted to crawl inside.
Hamm, a former Navy test pilot, sat in a reclining seat inside a van whose interior was made up to look like the cockpit of the real crew recovery vehicle.
He said the pilot, Captain Ashwini Behl, aged 33, was told about the phone call, and sealed his cockpit door.
The contract calls for providing hardware and software to support two refurbished F-16 flight cockpit simulators at the Networked Training Center (NTC) facility, Luke Air Force Base in Arizona USA.