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compartment where the pilot sits while flying the aircraft

a pit for cockfights

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seat where the driver sits while driving a racing car

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They requested her to go to the cockpit and fly the plane safely to its destination," another unnamed source told the Times of India.
ECS (EUROCONTROL Cockpit Simulator), provides a sophisticated pilot position
For airline regulators, immediate changes need to be strictly enforced, with two persons being mandated in the cockpit at all times.
The event was a dream come true for Labad, who said he had always dreamed of staging a play inside a cockpit arena.
Cockpit Sim Parts Ltd is the only company of its kind in Wales and one of only three in the UK.
Flying doesn't get more bizarre than this: an Airbus A- 320 flying from Bangkok to New Delhi with 166 passengers in the tube, co- pilot snoozing in business class, and pilot teaching two air hostesses how to fly in the cockpit.
Mechanics, entering the Black Hawk cockpit from the cabin during maintenance can be a double-jointed exercise that puts the center console in harm's way.
At the same time as the platen was delivered to the Cockpit fit station, an operator lifted the cockpit using a specially designed manipulator, directly from the platen and introduced it into the vehicle.
Lockheed Martin has delivered the 200th Common Cockpit avionics suite to the U.
The essence of the Mini production line at Cowley is that each car is built to order on a just-in-time basis, and that means a huge number of options on major components such as the cockpit and a demand for precise sequencing of orders as they are got ready and then delivered from Intier to BMW.
Mr Damms, 65, claims he saw her go into the cockpit before the jet took off.
The Associated Press reported that the hijacker burst into the cockpit and claimed to have an accomplice in the cabin, driving initial fears that the hijacking was part of a broader plot.
Once in charge of the cockpit, however, the leader becomes a pillar of dreadful resolve, icily putting the 757 into a steep dive before leveling off at a shockingly low altitude in order to follow the landscape to the intended target--the U.
The 30% cost savings Siemens VDO is claiming for CESAR (when compared to an instrument panel with the same content, features, quality, and styling using current cockpit technology) comes from use of a common structure, parts reduction through module integration, and a significant reduction in redundancy due to the new electrical architecture.
The HAC attempted to flick the switch aft using his kneeboard but hit the cockpit dome light switch instead, flooding the cockpit with non-NVG compatible red dome lights.