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a native of the east end of London

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the nonstandard dialect of natives of the east end of London

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He gave me a Southern smile and shrug of comprehension, as one acquainted with affairs of the heart,--which was a relief after the cockney tramp's impudent expression of, no doubt, a precisely similar sentiment.
I am rather a convert to the cockney school of psychology," he said in an almost inaudible voice.
You see now what I mean about the ladder," went on the detective; "it's the only old piece of furniture here and the first thing that caught that cockney eye of mine.
I would decipher a sound which a cockney would represent by zerr, and a Frenchman by seu, and then write demanding with some heat what on earth it meant.
He thrust that back to reveal his staring little Cockney face, still scarred upon the brow.
The need of sitting absolutely still before a Cockney photographer had given her lips a queer little pucker, and her eyes for the same reason looked as though she thought the whole situation ridiculous.
Helen looked at Theresa pursing up her lips before the Cockney photographer.
The elder one, Morgan, was a huge man, bronzed and moustached, with a deep bass voice and an almost guttural speech, and the other, Raff, was slight and effeminate, with nervous hands and watery, washed-out gray eyes, who spoke with a faint indefinable accent that was hauntingly reminiscent of the Cockney, and that was yet not Cockney of any brand she had ever encountered.
It's about a little Cockney draper's assistant, who takes a vacation on his bicycle, and falls in with a young girl very much above him.
A shrill Cockney voice soared and dominated for a moment, crying: "Gawd
They were virtually unanimous, and they shoved the Cockney out as their spokesman.
The man who had spoken to him was clearly a Cockney, with the clean lines and weakly pretty, almost effeminate, face of the man who has absorbed the sound of Bow Bells with his mother's milk.
Cheeky EastEnders star Danny Dyer says he wants to freeze his sperm because he's worried that Cockneys are becoming endangered.
AS Dennis Wise claims Newcastle fans aren't giving Alan Pardew a fair ride because he's from London, we ask butchers in Grainger Market who their favourite cockneys are Darren McFadyen, 24, butcher at A.
Experts at Glasgow University spoke to 48 avid city fans of the soap and found they were talking like Cockneys without knowing they were doing it.