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a native of the east end of London

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the nonstandard dialect of natives of the east end of London

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You see now what I mean about the ladder," went on the detective; "it's the only old piece of furniture here and the first thing that caught that cockney eye of mine.
A FORMER Yarm School pupil who hit the headlines last year when she was nominated for BBC Radio 2's Young Folk Award, has been invited to play with one of her 70s heroes Steve Harley when he performs with his band Cockney Rebel at the school's Princess Alexandra Auditorium this spring.
He will put his potential Cockney progenies "in a cup and freeze it", he tells Alan Carr on this week's Chatty Man.
EastEnders star Danny Dyer fears cockney rhyming slang is "dying out".
COCKNEY SPARROW, winner of last season's Grade 2 QTS Scottish Champion Hurdle and described by John Quinn as "the best mare I've trained", has died of colic.
23 in Russia, will be Carey Price, Jesse Cockney, Caroline Calve and Spencer O'Brien.
Olympic hopeful Jesse Cockney joined Olympic gold medallist Beckie Scott and fellow Olympian Perianne Jones at Morley school to share their success stories.
The Cockney accent was stronger in viewers who had become attached to their favourite Albert Square characters.
When I, a young apprentice, came to Coventry in 1948 from rural Kent, because of my southern accent I was sometimes mistaken for a Cockney.
But when builders unearth a tomb near the home the undead rise, meaning OAPs (Honor Blackman, an Uzi-wielding Richard Briers) and Cockney robbers have to take down the zombie hordes.
The Adidas b ll has been named The Albert, as in the Cockney rhy ing ball has been named The Albert, as in the Cockney rhyming slang Albert Hall, ball
Being Birmingham born and bred, to me the article compiled by our Cockney counterparts didn't come as a surprise so I looked at the write up concerning London.
London, July 6 ( ANI ): Our insatiable fascination with celebrities is helping reinvent the cockney rhyming slang, an ancient argot that many language experts feared was dying out.
AS a lover of language, I was slightly disturbed to read that Cockney rhyming slang was not just in decline, but dying out, almost 'brown bread'.
Hunt, the editor of The Examiner, was chief amongst these Cockney writers.