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Synonyms for cocklebur

any coarse weed of the genus Xanthium having spiny burrs

burdock having heart-shaped leaves found in open woodland, hedgerows and rough grassland of Europe (except extreme N) and Asia Minor

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Weed pollen is the primary cause of seasonal irritation in the late summer and early fall with the primary culprits being ragweed, sagebrush, pigweed, tumbleweed and cocklebur.
Finding our way back to the hole where my son patiently waited seemed to be a simple task, until we rounded a bend that ended in a large opening overgrown in cocklebur and exploding with skyward, frightened mallards.
uk list this lot: Extremely toxic: Castor bean, cherry kernels, cocklebur, Easter lily*, oleander, poison and water hemlock, red maple, thorn apple and yew.
Green: Peach tree leaves, buckthorn fruits, cocklebur stems and
Other weeds that cause allergic reactions are pigweed and sagebrush (tumbleweed), Russian thistle, plantain, mugwort, dock sorrel, cocklebur and lamb's quarters.
The Company is also preparing for activity on its Cocklebur Draw prospect, where initial drilling should commence later this year.
Sand burr, downy brome grass, squirrel-tail grass, poverty grass, mesquite, cocklebur and clover are some of the offending plants.
I got out there and planted 2,400 acres of soybeans beginning on April 9, 1997, on no-till land, planting through cocklebur thickets," he says with a laugh.
Evaluating the interference of common cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium) and entire leaf of morning glory (Ipomoea hederacea) on soybean indicated that the crop LAI within a given canopy stratum was smaller in multi-species plots than those of soybeans grown alone or with single weed species and soybean plants also developed a large proportion of their leaf area in the upper portion of the canopy [19].
There, a steep ravine empties onto a broad flat where thick grasses hide clumps of cocklebur.
Invasive weeds can take over cattle grazing areas, as leafy spurge has done in the northern plain states or overrun crops, much like cocklebur in corn and soybean crops throughout North America," says Dr.
That's about the time Kremer started looking for microbes that might combat velvetleaf, cocklebur, jimsonweed, and other weeds in cultivated crops of the Midwest and South.
Influence of planting date on common cocklebur (Xanthium strumarium) interference in early-maturing soybean (Glycine max).