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overly self-confident or self-assertive

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Richie McCaw and Co battered the Springboks on home soil in the first two Tests of this year's series, leading Henry to boldly and cockily name his squad for the match against the Wallabies, a full two weeks before the clash took place.
Imagine Man U or Chelsea team coaches cruising cockily down the motorway on their way to the Liberty Stadium.
Early in the book, Powell writes cockily that she has a 'surprisingly strong stomach.
He should have been fired 12 months ago and not given the chance of cockily returning to frontline entertainment at the licence payers' expense and subsequently 'resigning' as though he has been misjudged in some way.
Star performance Apprentice Lance Betts, who rode the first double of his career Best turned out There was no prize for the magnificent seagull who strutted cockily round the paddock as the runners paraded for the third race Find out why Baaher should soon be going one better.
We won't need the sat nav, the journey seems pretty simple to me," I rather cockily told my husband Pete as I confidently dusted off our long-forgotten road atlas.
Then, cockily or quietly, depending on the player's personality, someone pushes all her chips to the center of the table and says "I'm all in.
In the next few days of mourning--as Israel cockily continues to pin all its abhorrent behavior on its eternal quest for "security"--perhaps the Palestinians will regroup.
Kara, now22, cockily gives herself "ten out of ten" for looks.
Now there seems no way back for the former Olympic champion whose toothless negative display saw him booed then mocked by a 15,000 crowd at London's ExCel Arena Harrison had cockily declared no-one would doubt his credentials as a world title contender after this grudge match but he was forced to eat his words.
With few exceptions, these had been rocky and competitive from the '50s through the mid-'60s, with American artists like Donald Judd cockily declaring "European art is over with" and their Continental peers feeling trampled by the market mania for art made in the US.
Hey, I just cashed a check for $300,'' Wilcott said, cockily adjusting his uniform hat.
After watching fellow breakfasters press down on the handle of an orange juice dispenser and seeing orange juice dispensed into their paper cups, I finally found the nerve to walk boldly up, position my cup, and cockily press down on the handle.
Certain players have cockily snubbed certain media men down the years at St James' Park, but the reality is they were snubbing the fans.