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overly self-confident or self-assertive

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Peter asks what the word "sewn" means, and then dances cockily ("there never was a cockier boy") once he is reunited with his shadow (24).
Some changes are less felicitous, such as making the brothers cockier, their dynamic more bratty than tender.
India's aim in talking to Pakistan, the sources pointed out, is to deny this " cockier than before" Pakistani establishment the political space it needs.
When reckless expansion of consumer, corporate, or financial debt would go sour, the government served up a bailout to help the financial sector come back, fatter and cockier than ever.
Simoncic alternates these storylines with interludes focusing on the victims themselves, including one in which an elderly man in a crumbling apartment building, dying of heatstroke, confronts his younger, cockier self.
From M, Endicott College student: I really thought you would be different than you were--meaner, cockier, more condescending.
A 42-YEAR-OLD cockier must stand trial at crown court accused of having drugs with intent to supply, magistrates ruled at the weekend.
It slowly becomes apparent to the cockier, but vulnerable, Sassoon (Sam Ellis (also excellent) that Owen is capable of surpassing even his achievements.
Louis still seems to take the brunt of Simon's jokes, despite being much cockier last year, and also the proud winner with Shayne.
There's no cockier player than him on the pitch and he's a great player.
He's got a surprising intensity and tenacity, and the vulnerability in his boyish, honest face works in his favor - you really do believe he could get eaten alive, and a cockier actor would have made the scenes less involving.
If the African-American antecedent of the music is the pure, essential form of the commercialized product, it stands to reason that the cock in rock is going to be that much cockier in hip-hop, New Jack Swing, or ragamuffin.