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participation in the sport of matching gamecocks in a cockfight

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This has echoes of the debates in the nineteenth century that saw off cockfighting and the like, and which behave us to look past class to the intricacies and aesthetics of identity formation--national character--and social change.
Both dog and cockfighting were banned 180 years ago, but continue to thrive underground.
Police brought in a search dog and found the roosters as well as evidence the men were involved in cockfighting, police said.
In August, police in the Los Angeles and the Houston areas raided suspected cockfighting rings and confiscated a total of nearly 700 birds.
In Jharkhand, cockfighting is associated with harvest festival 'Tusu', which often witnesses people of all ages enjoying the game of blood and gore.
They have been charged with hosting cockfighting derbies and for illegal gambling.
District Court in Portland charge Irina Walker, 60, and her husband, John Wesley Walker, 67, with hosting cockfighting derbies and illegal gambling at their ranch outside Irrigon in Morrow County.
There was no egg and spoon race back then, it was all about wrestling and cockfighting.
Since then, however, he has patched up his relationship with his wife Jinkee and become a much more disciplined boxer after replacing his former pastimes of cockfighting, gambling and nightclubbing with increased bible study and family time.
Potshare bowling went out of fashion - perhaps as football entered its pomp - as did bloodsports such as bull baiting and cockfighting.
I now look forward to the next sign of progress with the introduction, I hope, of cockfighting and dog-fighting.
The cockfighting measure allows the prosecution of people who breed fighting birds, profit from a fight or own cockfighting paraphernalia with the intent to use it.
Generally speaking, the hard feather breeds are the game varieties, whose historical origins lie in the outlawed pursuit of cockfighting.
High-profile promoters like Frank Warren and Frank Maloney have gone public with their criticism of cage fighting, while US Senator John McCain reportedly described it as "human cockfighting.
Cockfighting is a sport in the US in which specially bred roosters are put into a ring and encouraged to fight until one is incapacitated or killed.