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a match in a cockpit between two fighting cocks heeled with metal gaffs

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Ferrer (4th District, Negros Occidental) emphasized the government is losing valuable revenue from tax collection due to the unclear jurisdiction over online sabong or cockfight betting.
The law also prohibits possession of cockfighting instruments and attendance at a cockfight.
During a typical cockfight tournament, a third to a half of the birds is killed.
The victims were watching a cockfight in the village of Lawili in North Cotabato province, 930 kilometres south of Manila, when the blast occurred, dpa reported.
a rural area on the mainland where cockfights and accompanying crowds are less likely to draw attention.
Tulare officials are investigating, and no arrests were made at the cockfight, which is illegal in the US.
Los Angeles police said the six adults and one youth were arrested after police responded to a call Saturday about a cockfight in progress in the 11500 block of Sproule Avenue.
It was like EastEnders set in Brazil, with lots of breasts and a man killing a bookie at a cockfight with a broken bottle.
LAW enforcement agents raided an illegal cockfight and arrested 144 people attending what one official said may have been one of the largest such gatherings in the US.
He's been at every cockfight there's been and is a good horse to train - he's sound and just keeps doing enough.
That summer we renewed our acquaintance with a family by the name of da Costa Soares, and I asked to go to a cockfight.
Thus, the cockfight is an appropriate motif for a study of these wary and often warring neighbors.
But full-evening ballets are almost as rare as a hen's tooth in a cockfight.
Rather, I would invite the spectator's careful consideration of the following apt observation from the article by Clifford Geertz that Cutter cites in his introduction: As any art form--for that, finally, is what we are dealing with--the cockfight renders ordinary, everyday experience comprehensible by presenting it in terms of acts and objects which have had their practical consequences removed and been reduced (or, if you prefer, raised) to the level of sheer appearances, where their meaning can be more powerfully articulated and more exactly perceived.
Cockfight champions gather at the Pasay City Cockpit as the much-awaited "J and B Kaingin Big Event 6-Cock Derby" unfolds Friday with more than 100 fights.