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I try to look at everything cockeyed because it gives me a more amusing view of the world.
Generally speaking, language, especially black English or Ebonics, never manages to capture the fancy of the reading public until some renowned linguist or cultural scientist tries to use it as a cockeyed justification for the socioeconomic ills endured by African Americans.
From glassware to small appliances, things are getting a bit cockeyed.
Had a born cheerleader and cockeyed optimist like Rosie O'Donnell stepped into the breach when the levee first broke, all this carnage might have been avoided.
His colorful mates included Cockeyed Neil, a peg-legged lunatic bunny who suffers from talk radio intoxication.
DON'T be put off by the title, because if there were marks for originality this cockeyed comedy about celebrity would be the film of the year.
The obviously fake painted backdrops add to the cockeyed charm.
Demarbre's cockeyed kinetic kickfest features Ottawa actor Phil Graham in a compelling and charismatic screen debut as Harry.
Terry Eastland, a conservative journalist and think-tanker, provides a little more history, some of it enlightening, some cockeyed.
He believes that unrealistic mandates about universal daily service and cockeyed congressional oversight undermine efficiency.
Big Deal is a critically acclaimed label founded in 1993 best known for its Yellow Pills - Best of American Pop compilation series (which has featured Redd Kross, Material Issue, Gigolo Aunts, Matthew Sweet, and many others) as well as the home to The Vandalias, Cockeyed Ghost, and The Wondermints.
Hysterical Cameron's fighting change because he can rule only if there's cockeyed voting.
It is also developing a greeting cards website, called Cockeyed Cards, for Northumberland illustrator Anna Hall.
And it's a much better movie than last week's cockeyed adaptation.
To use the words of a well known song, I am maybe 'a cockeyed optomist' (now pronounced 'co-eyed' in the interests of political correctness) and it is true that the chaps in charge have their priorities skewed.