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any of various large European beetles destructive to vegetation as both larvae and adult

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The cockchafer who had stolen her knew this very well; but when he heard all the ladies saying she was ugly, he began to think so too, and would not keep her; she might go wherever she liked.
The nightingales burst into song, a cockchafer knocked against him and crept up the back of his neck.
A cockchafer darting by close to my ear with a loud hum sends a shiver through me, partly of pleasure at the reminder of past summers, and partly of fear lest he should get caught in my hair.
Well then, my dear, I'm afraid he'll never come to the title," said my uncle, looking coolly at the young gentleman as he stood fixed up against the wall, in the cockchafer fashion that I have described.
Buzzards demolish cockchafers and earwigs, as well as any carrion lying around.
4) As one alphabetically minded reader of this work noted, it chronicled 191 actions against "asses, beeries, bloodsuckers, bulls, caterpillars, cockchafers, cocks, cows, dogs, dolphins, eels, field mice, flies, goats, grasshoppers, horses, locusts, mice, moles, rats, serpents, sheep, slugs, snails, swine, termites, turtledoves, weevils, wolves, [and] worms.
In 19th-century France, cockchafers were cooked and served in chicken soup.
Cockchafers are drawn to halogen lighting like flies are to a cowpat,and the first thing one notices, is the very audible buzzing, reminding one of the engine of an early war plane which is just about to cut out,followed by the loud crack as the insect collides with your well-lit window or security light.