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any of various large European beetles destructive to vegetation as both larvae and adult

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The local warlord, General Yang Sen, had commandeered British-owned steamers to transport his troops; when a British gunboat, HMS Cockchafer, attempted to free the steamers it ran into an ambush, very capably managed by Yang, and suffered severe casualties.
there are areas infected by the invasive non-native cockchafer beetle (Melolontha melolontha), which poses a specific threat to the renewal of targeted natural forest habitats because the beetle gnaws at the thin root-branches of young plantations, causing them to die-off.
The Cockchafer (Melolontha melolontha), sometimes called the May Bug, is the commonest and has the largest grub of the six species, that can grow up to 50mm (2") and has a big appetite to match.
A close-up of a cockchafer, or May bug, earned 50-year old ecologist Dean Heward, from Derwent Valley in Gateshead, the Wildlife Image of the Year award.
Some sort of giant bug, larger than a cockchafer, flies alongside you, it looks strong, almost military, since it measures almost half a meter long, spanning from your ear to your eye.
The cockchafer is known colloquially as the May bug or May beetle because, you've guessed it, it tends to appear in May.
Among the most important prey species are various beetles associated with animal dung, and insects associated with grassland, woodland or hedgerow vegetation, including cockchafer beetles (May-bugs), crane-flies and various large moths.
On the night of March 31, 1941, tipped off that officers planned to move against him, the regent escaped across the Tigris in a motorboat and made his way to the RAF base at Habbaniya, from which he was flown to Basra and asylum on board HMS Cockchafer.
Now,as a result of night security lights,most householders can study the various insects which emerge during the hours of darkness for themselves - insects such as the Cockchafer beetle, the one which I consider to be the most bizarre of all.
The eggs of the cockchafer beetle, or "chafer", lie below the ground and are a source of food for birds, badgers and foxes.
ADRIENNE SAYS: They sound like adult Cockchafer beetles.
The wildlife image of the year award went to ecologist Dean Heward, who lives in the Derwent Valley in Gateshead for his photograph of a cockchafer, or May bug.
The Greater Horseshoe feeds on maybugs, cockchafer beetles and crane flies and the decimation of woodlands and hedgerows meant that this food source became scarce.
Buzzards demolish cockchafers and earwigs, as well as any carrion lying around.