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It seems hardly credible while I am writing it down, but it is certainly true, that this same man, who has all the fondness of an old maid for his cockatoo, and all the small dexterities of an organ-boy in managing his white mice, can talk, when anything happens to rouse him, with a daring independence of thought, a knowledge of books in every language, and an experience of society in half the capitals of Europe, which would make him the prominent personage of any assembly in the civilised world.
The Count had finished his fourth tart, and had gone to a side- table to look after his vicious cockatoo.
The Count, attentive as usual, advanced from the corner in which he had been feeding his cockatoo, with the bird still perched on his shoulder, and opened the door for us.
I was on the point of answering, "I never said so," but the vicious cockatoo ruffled his clipped wings and gave a screech that set all my nerves on edge in an instant, and made me only too glad to get out of the room.
He seemed to have an insatiate delight in appealing to her and looking at her; excitedly sticking his hair up at the same moment, like a dark species of cockatoo.
She was thrown into such a confusion by his manner, or rather by Clennam's growing understanding of his manner (for she looked to him after every fresh appeal and cockatoo demonstration on the part of Mr Pancks), that she only moved her lips in answer, without forming any word.
In wild birds in this study, hepatic zinc content varied minimally by species, with significant differences only between SC cockatoos and galahs (SC cockatoos > galahs, P = .
The collection included pairs of palm cockatoos worth pounds 20,000, Pesquet's parrots worth pounds 15,000 and gang-gang cockatoos worth pounds 25,000.
And we've had iguanas, cockatiels, cockatoos, mice, rats, hamsters, gerbils.
The veterinary records of 3 species of free-living, endangered black cockatoos (Calyptorhynchus spp; n=565) admitted to the Perth Zoo Veterinary Hospital in Western Australia during a 10-year period (2000-2009) were analyzed to determine the effect of clinical presentation and treatment on survival to release.
A new community conservation project for threatened Baudin s and forest red-tailed black cockatoos has been given wings with a $255,000 Lotterywest grant.
A team of international Scientists tested eight Goffin cockatoos (Cacatua goffini), a conspicuously inquisitive and playful species on visible as well as invisible Piagetian object displacements and derivations of spatial transposition, rotation and translocation tasks.
Moluccan Cockatoos are social birds who can be extremely affectionate; however, they can develop behavioral problems if given too much attention, according to iTalk Bird Trainer.
Reading books about the care of birds, particularly cockatoos, would be a good idea.