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The Forest Red-tailed Black Cockatoo is the totem for Noongah people and they have strong spiritual significance.
But it seems she was only a one-hit wonder as Green told People magazine that he would be accompanied by a salmon-hued Moluccan cockatoo named Lady, in the next season.
It was good fun, but nowhere near as entertaining as Monday's cockatoo performance.
Cliffs' 50% interest in the Cockatoo Island joint venture is currently reported within the Company's Asia Pacific Iron Ore business segment.
bar] Chilling out - the three Philippine cockatoo chicks which are being hand-reared at Chester Zoo in an ice-cream tub
Three Philippine cockatoo chicks are being hand-reared at the zoo, after they were hatched in incubators.
In his right ear he wears two cockatoo (Cacatua sp.
BAHAWALPUR -- Police claimed to have arrested four culprits involved in theft of deer, macaw parrots, cockatoo parrots and swans from Lal Sohanra National Park and Children Park here on Friday.
From an 18th century betel leaf casket from southern India and a processional elephant and mahout crafted out of papier- mache and canvas laid on wood from Rajasthan, to a late 18th century painting of a perched cockatoo and a rosewood, cane and brass armchair from British India-- the objects are of great artistic value.
To say we were both absolutely Hank Marvin when we walked into The Cockatoo in Dalkeith is a bit of an understatement.
Washington, July 30 ( ANI ): Researchers have showed that smartness in a cockatoo is similar to apes and four-year-old human toddlers.
I have acquired a cockatoo and wondered what the best diet would be for him.
Pluton progresses with potential acquisition of Cockatoo Island.
Parrots: they fly, they talk, they look great in your home Cockatoo candle, [euro]11, Housejunkie.
Human activities, in particular vehicle strike, were significant causes of morbidity and mortality in free-living black cockatoo populations.