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Synonyms for cockateel

small grey Australian parrot with a yellow crested head

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Once home I make sure the badgers haven't fallen out of their hammocks - the day's cockateel mess can wait 'til the following morning - and check my e-mail for any messages from Mum.
Like firing pancakes from her gusset as stripper Miss Honey Cockateel that surely would have stirred a cockatoo.
I am thinking about buying a smallbird such as a cockateel or a lovebird.
I've had cockateels, budgies and canaries in the back before but they've never been taken.
From Cockateels on, the Guillemots we know are back and still on fine form.
From Cockateels on, the Guillemots we kneware back, and still on fine form.
Cockateels is less convincing - musically and lyrically clunky ("dealing with the real world is sometimes not too fun"), harmonies are thickly trowelled on and the song veers far too close to self-indulgence, as with Standing On the Last Star.