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Synonyms for cock-a-leekie

soup made from chicken boiled with leeks


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There's a party in the village hall on the wedding eve we're calling A Very British Evening: cockaleekie soup (Scotland and Wales), syllabub and posset (England) and bunting bought (in Belfast
So, no more cockaleekie, spotted dick, toad-in-the-hole, sticky buns, faggots, kumquats, black pudding, jerk chicken, pulled pork.
Buy a can of cockaleekie soup, heat through with a handful of sweetcorn and frozen peas and divide between four ramekins.
I bet none of his menus for the foreseeable future will feature cockaleekie.
Cockaleekie soup, Scotch eggs, haggis and smoked salmon all feature on the menu and you know my only gripe about this joint?
At the risk of embarrassing the poor bloke even further , I won't do the line about his mattress and cockaleekie.
Especially if she gets her financial adviser to sup the cockaleekie off her toes.
A few years ago, we invited Off The Ball listeners to suggest Elvis songs with a teuchter twist and this was the top 10 Blue Suede Coos, I Can't Help Falling In Love With Ewe, Jailhouse Cockaleekie Soup, You Ain't Nothing But A Sheepdog, Don't Be Gruel, Crying In The Wee Free Kirk, Heartbreak Overpriced B&B, Wan Fur The Money Twa Fur The Show, It's Cow Or Heiffer and - my favourite - The Wonder Of Uist.