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an ornament (such as a knot of ribbon or a rosette) usually worn on the hat

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Between Bloody Marys, and blue cockades, and glorious Queen Besses, and no Poperys, and Protestant associations, and making of speeches,' pursued John Grueby, looking, as usual, a long way off, and taking no notice of this hint, 'my lord's half off his head.
The First Battle for Petersburg: The Attack and Defense of the Cockade City, June 9, 1864 is an in-depth analysis of the Battle of June 9, 1864 for the city of Petersburg, Virginia during the American Civil War.
Kinchin, Glasgow's Great Exhibitions 1888, 1901, 1911, 1938, 1988 (Bicester: White Cockade Publishing, 1988), p.
I spent my youth in India watching many great aACAyIndian' champions like Comanche, Squanderer, Manitou, Royal Tern and Own Opinion and Red Cockade making the news by winning Derbies and prestigious Invitation Cups.
So it was with a heavy heart that I read the comments of the Black Cockade, 'Never like Norway
In magnificent uniform complete with decorations--the Order of Saint Stanislaus and the Order of the White Eagle--he carries a tricorn hat with a white cockade, the prerogative of royalty.
Taking part in the various games will earn you a white cockade which means you'll be able to sign up for the Jacobite army and of course we'll have plenty of food on hand to feed hungry rebels.
The cobbled streets of Cockade Alley and the period storefronts of Old Street were practically a ready-made set for Spielberg.
Interestingly, several different accounts claimed that Lovat's son attempted to renounce his support of the Jacobite cause by "pulling the white Cockade out of his Hat, in the Father's Presence, and throwing it in the Fire," but was subsequently "overcome by the Authority of his Father" whom he then "obey'd"--likely a convenient fiction for the house of Lovat, but significant in that it affirms the ritual nature of such sartorial gestures.
The new design, as of February 8, was a cockade of three circles, similar to the French and British insignia, except for the order of the colors, which were red (outer ring) then blue and white center.
Old Vic was bred by Bob McCreery at Stowell Hill Stud in Somerset out of Cockade, a sister to 2,000 Guineas winner High Top, and was purchased on behalf of the sheikh for 230,000gns at the Highflyer yearling sales.
I find myself outside the crowd; I run into workers, common women, the elderly, and the young: all of them wearing the tricolored cockade.
On each side of large iron gates, two crowds gather in banked rows of seats and hurl chants at each other, while high-stepping soldiers march up and down in cockade hats, like peacocks, whipping up support.
Char-din's cockade of muguet des bois stuck in the brioche becomes Morandi's posy of tight-budded roses placed in a milk glass vase.
It is normally sung to the tune of the traditional German carol O Tannenbaum, although Connell himself is said to have preferred the tune of Jacobite anthem, The White Cockade.