cochineal insect

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Mexican red scale insect that feeds on cacti

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Cactus juice is used in plaster and the cochineal insects that are drawn to the plants have long been a source of red dye.
The staining of eggs in Victorian times was achieved by boiling the eggs with certain flowers, leaves, log wood chips, or the cochineal insect.
Based on such raw materials as turmeric root, tropical flowers, and the cochineal insect, all meet or exceed the European EN 13432 standard for biodegradable plastics packaging; food-packaging approvals are expected in the near future.
The cochineal insect is a tiny, parasitic scale insect native to South America and Mexico.
It's about bringing awareness to the people of the dangers and extinction of the animals, which are 100 per cent Mexican, such as the hummingbird, the turtle and the cochineal insect," said sculptor Emanuel Vazquez Hernandez.