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a red dyestuff consisting of dried bodies of female cochineal insects

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Mexican red scale insect that feeds on cacti

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It is also the most common host for the cochineal insect, the source of vibrant red dye that was the mainstay of a number of local pre-colonial economies in Central America, becoming an even more sought-after commodity with the coming of the Spanish.
Onion skins (yellows), walnut hulls (browns), avocado peels and pits (pale pink), marigolds (yellows), sumac leaves (brown), mushrooms and lichens (with their rainbow of possibilities), cochineal (fuchsias and reds) and madder root (oranges and reds) are traditional favorites.
The second section deals with crafting traditional art materials: making wasli paper and tying brushes from squirrel hair for miniature painting; grinding pigments from such materials as lapis lazuli, cochineal, madder, malachite, and cinnabar; making oil and egg tempera paints; making and using gesso and bole; fine gilding.
Likewise, PSP anthocyanins have advantages over traditional synthetic red food colorings and the carmine reds extracted from cochineal insects.
The officers' jackets' were a stunning red extracted from the cochineal insect.
They are listed as carmine, cochineal extract or natural red 4 on ingredient labels.
I want to interpret the mystery of its marginal illuminations, which were not of gold and cochineal like those in grandfather's Bible but of beet syrup and lingonberries.
To create a chequered board look: Divide the mixture into two, pouring one half of the mixture into a square cake tin lined with clingfilm and colouring the other half with a drop of cochineal before pouring into a another clingfilm-lined cake tin.
When they discovered carmine, or cochineal extract, is a bug byproduct, consumers demanded an alternative.
The artist found the reds of the hummingbird's gorget that I saw at the flowers--forsythia or jasmine, no, fuchsia--outside Lauren's mother's kitchen window (Ginny identified it as an Anna's hummingbird) depending on the cant of its head, depending on the way the flower's cocked, rapidly roving the range of reds--scarlet, crimson, vermillion, maroon neckerchief on the range or a top-shelf harlot's corset or burlesque dancers' garter driven by hunger and commerce, see red, red in tooth and claw, cerise, cochineal, damask, sanguine, carmine, fulvous, rubicund, rubescent, titian, red Japanese lady beetle red; those beetles were brought from Japan to eat aphids in pecan groves and they invade our house in the fall collecting in the corners of the ceiling.
A red coloring produced from the cochineal, a scaled insect often exported from Peru, already puts the hue in a trendy Italian aperitif and an internationally popular brand of strawberry yogurt.
1) The next year, vegans were outraged to learn that Starbucks used cochineal extract, a color additive derived from insect shells, to dye their strawberry Frappuccino[R] drinks (2) (eventually, the company decided to transition to lycopene, a pigment found in tomatoes (3)).
Letter of the wins PS25, the others PS10 WEEK I W some I WAS horrified to read some of the food and drink I regularly buy is made to look good by firms adding cochineal obtained from crushed beetles and other parts of once living creatures.
In years past not many excellent artists were known for their ability to produce colours, but now the dyeing of cloth with the most beautiful cochineal purple (as other artists put gold cochineal in glass), of a rich hue, may be induced.