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Asian breed of large fowl with dense plumage and feathered legs


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French interests in Southeast Asia had barely penetrated beyond Cambodia and the embryonic Cochin China, but rumours were reaching Europe that the mud-laden river that disgorged into the South China Sea actually rose north of the Himalaya.
France's conquest of Cochin China in 1862 led to the French claim to overlordship of Cambodia, as the successors to the Vietnamese in the joint arrangements of 1802, reconfirmed after 1845.
The tiny French force had sailed in secret all the way from its base in Cochin China and, on the morning of January 17th, the French ravaged the Thai ships, sinking the Dhonburi, forcing the Ayuthia to run aground, and sinking all three destroyers.
The Japanese only took direct control of the administration on March 9th, 1945, finally removing the French from any vestige, of authority for a critical period during which, for the first time, Cochin China was administratively united with Annam and Tonkin to form the basis of modern Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh was now able to consolidate the foundations of the post-war Vietnamese resistance.
Between May 1936 and March 1937, several political movements in Cochin China (southern Vietnam) attempted to form an Indochinese Congress, intended to be a "people's assembly" in which the Vietnamese would be able to negotiate colonial reforms with the French authorities.
It is Moutet who led a campaign against cruelty committed in Tonkin, against executions in North Annam and against firing on peaceful protestors in Cochin China.
And although Japan in 1940 took the same amount of rice from Indochina which France had taken in 1939, the amount was only 439,000 tons, while Cochin China alone exported 1.