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Coccygeal ribs: development and appearance in two cases.
We also want to use a certain amount of finesse, taking care not to traumatize the sacrospinous ligament, arcus tendineus, or most importantly, the iliococcygeal, coccygeal, and obturator internus muscles.
The process begins by searching to be free from physical dependency, beginning with the coccygeal chakra: "Yoga refers to this power flowing from the coccyx to Spirit as the awakened kundalini.
It may be that the authorities quoted are including non-neural tube defects such as the radiological finding of single bifid L5 or S1 lamina and coccygeal pits in their classification of spina bifida occulta.
A coccygeal component of the sacrotuberous ligament is described in some texts (Last, 1978; Moore, 1985; Palastanga et al.
Thirty-one pairs of nerves are attached to the spinal cord: eight cervical, twelve thoracic, five lumbar, and five sacral pairs, and one coccygeal pair.
When an assessment indicates a lack of stability in the lower back and/or pain, I use a number of further techniques including Goodheart's coccygeal lift.
Currently, no universally accepted radiologic criteria for assessing pelvic floor dysfunction exist; however, the most widely accepted criteria involve organ movement below the pubococcygeal line (PCL), which extends from the inferior margin of the symphysis pubis to midway between the first and second coccygeal segments.
The procedure can demonstrate most fetal extremity deformities and the exact topography of the limbs, identifying cystic hydromas and sacral coccygeal keratomas.