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Furthermore, metabolically dormant coccoid cells residing in cytoplasmic vacuoles have very low susceptibilities to antibiotics.
A scanning electron micrograph of a biofilm containing fungi and coccoid cyanobacteria is shown in Fig.
Characteristics Rhodococcus coprophilus Gram Staining Positive Cell Shape Coccoid rod Motility Negative Oxygen Requirement Aerobic Colony Dense, light red Catalase test Positive Nitrate Reduction test Negative Hydrogen Sulphide Production Negative Indole Production test Negative Fermentation Test Dextrose Positive Lactose Positive Sucrose Positive Gelatin Liquefaction test Negative Starch Hydrolysis Negative Oxidase test Positive Citrate Utilization test Positive Growth Temperature 37[degrees]C Table 2: Rate of Enzyme formation in Rhodococcus coprophilus.
The strains were rod (B76) and coccoid (R-25) in shape and stained Gram-positive.
5-5 [micro]m) and with their almost spherical shape, this indicates that it could be a coccoid or a coccobacilli bacteria type.
Gudmundur Omar Fridleifsson, the Lagoon's chief geologist, experiments with the local strains of blue-green coccoid and filamentous algae (said to have anti-aging properties) for use in future products.
A failure to detect H pylori may be attributable, at least in part, to the presence of coccoid forms of H pylori, which develop as a temporary expression of the bacterium's adaptation to an extragastric environment.
Evaluation of serological markers to differentiate between ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease: pANCA, ASCA and agglutinating antibodies to anaerobic coccoid rods.
Examination under the microscope identified spore mats of coccoid elements or fragmented hyphae typical of this group.
The VNC state of Campylobacter, also referred to as a coccoid form, introduces additional uncertainty into pathogen survival trajectories through aquatic environments.
15); intraclasts; ooids; oncoids; foraminifera; bivalve and gastropod mollusks; echinoderm ossicles; smooth-walled ostracodes; calcispheres; coccoid calcimicrobes embedded within the primary framework (Fig.
In some areas, the epidermis was multifocally ulcerated and covered with a fibrinoheterophilic infiltrate with numerous yeasts and pseudohyphae consistent with Candida species as well as colonies of coccoid bacteria (Fig 4).
During the following decade, additional clinical isolates with the same microbiological characteristics (slow-growing, gram-negative, small coccoid, asaccharolytic, oxidase negative, nonmotile and brown-soluble-pigment-producing) were submitted to the CDC for identification (10).
An autopsy performed by the county medical examiner revealed visible colonies of coccoid bacteria, which had formed in Stokes' heart, causing acute inflammation of the heart tissues, the presence of which was preserved on slides and confirmed by microscopic inspection.