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a bacterial cell intermediate in morphology between a coccus and a bacillus

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The rate of coccobacilli is very negligible in this entity.
Gram negative short coccobacilli are indicative of Haemophilus influenzae.
On day 3, scant growth of small white colonies was observed on sheep's blood agar and chocolate agar but not on MacConkey agar; Gram stain testing showed gram-negative coccobacilli.
The sections of ovary, infundibulum, and magnum were characterized by a large amount of amorphous, granular, hypereosinophilic necrotic debris, surrounded by granulation tissue and inflammatory infiltrate with intralesional basophilic coccobacilli (Fig 4).
5-5 [micro]m) and with their almost spherical shape, this indicates that it could be a coccoid or a coccobacilli bacteria type.
The specimen is plated and initial Gram-stain results show something like Gram-negative diplococci or very tiny Gram-negative coccobacilli.
12) Both of these microorganisms appear as exceptionally tiny, poorly staining, gram-negative coccobacilli (will appear as pink amorphous material).
Histopathology showed severe multifocal necrosis of liver and spleen (5/5), pulmonary congestion with macrophage infiltration in air capillaries (5/5), discrete interstitial nephritis (2/2), superficial necrosis of the intestinal mucosa with large numbers of coccobacilli (2/2), moderate peritonitis (2/2), and discrete airsacculitis (1/1).
After bronchoscopy, 2 of 3 bronchial lavage (BAL) samples were found to be positive for acid-fast coccobacilli by microscopy, and rapidly growing, deep orange mycobacteria grew in all 3 cultures.
However, the modified cold ZN stained smears showed acid-fast coccobacilli arranged in groups of 5 to 10 along with pus cells (Fig.
Gram-negative coccobacilli, later identified as Brucella species.
Gram-negative coccobacilli were identified as B pertussis and Bordetella parapertussis using fluorescent antibody stain (Difco, VWR, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada) and a fluorescence microscope (Olympus, Markham, Ontario, Canada).
PASTEURELLA is a genus of gram-negative bipolar staining coccobacilli of worldwide distribution.
The aerobic blood culture bottle of the first sample obtained from the recipient and aerobic cultures of the third erythrocyte unit enabled isolation of the same gram-variable coccobacilli after incubation for 48 hours (Figure).