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an infection of the lungs and skin characterized by excessive sputum and nodules

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An unusual outbreak of coccidiomycosis occurred after the January 1994 Southern California earthquake.
A significant increase in coccidiomycosis cases in Arizona between 1998 and 2001 is attributable to climatic factors, an investigation revealed.
Coccidiomycosis, commonly known as Valley Fever, is an infectious disease caused by the arid soil-inhabiting fungus Coccidioides immitis.
There was no history of foreign travel, exposure to sick contacts, or travel to areas endemic for histoplasmosis or coccidiomycosis.
These maladies include histoplasmosis, an infection that may occur in the lungs, liver, spleen and central nervous system, and is prevalent in the Ohio Valley, and coccidiomycosis, characterized by respiratory difficulties, fever and rarely, skin eruptions, which can be found in the San Joaquin Valley Another disorder, aspergillosis, has never been shown to have surfaced in homes, but does crop up in hospitals, affecting people whose immune systems are significantly compromised.
Active infection such as foot ulcers, tuberculosis, coccidiomycosis, hepatitis B or C, and pancreatitis.
Airborne transmission of fungi responsible for systemic mycotic infections such as blastomycosis, coccidiomycosis, and histoplasmosis has been demonstrated both in healthy and compromised hosts.