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2%) samples positive for coccidian oocysts out of 470 samples through microscopy.
We found 15 samples out of 470, positive for coccidian parasites through microscopy.
Cremonte and Figueras ciliates, (2004) coccidians, and turbellarians) 1999: Isla Jabali, Four parasitic or Cremonte and Figueras Argentina (healthy commensal taxa (2004) population) (Trichodina sp.
Gregarine and coccidian protozoans (Apicomplexa) found leading to hypertrophy of the digestive epithelial cells and nephridal tubules, respectively, were recorded only in the Mar del Plata population, both with a low prevalence and intensity of infection (Table 2).
This represents the first coccidian to be described from a member of the family Helodermatidae.
These included, for mytilid taxa, the gregarines, ciliates, prokaryotic inclusions, trematode metacercariae, coccidians, copepods, pinnotherid crabs, and other unidentified organisms; for oyster taxa, the gregarines, all ciliates, cestodes, nematodes, prokaryotic inclusions, trematode metacercariae, copepods, xenomas, pinnotherid crabs, and other unidentified organisms; and for dreissenid taxa, nematodes, trematode metacercariae, and other unidentified organisms.
Comparisons were made with measurements of other coccidians reported previously from turtles (McAllister and Upton, 1989) and a description follows of the new species we observed.
The category 'total protozoans' included all ciliates, coccidians in mytilid mussels, and xenomas.