cocaine addict

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a person addicted to cocaine

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A crack cocaine addict who targeted shops and building societies in Birmingham during a ten-day robbery spree has been jailed for nine years.
Mary Fred's new family, the Cullisons, includes Alice, a depressed mother still having difficulty recovering from her divorce, Roy, her cocaine addict brother, and Heather, Alice's bored, unfocused 15-year-old daughter.
A CRACK cocaine addict has been jailed for 22 months for beating up his girlfriend, then threatening her not to give evidence against him.
FORMER IT-girl and recovered cocaine addict Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has branded her past behaviour "ill-judged" and "tasteless".
Bob Poznanovich, a former cocaine addict who is now president of a network of professional addiction interventionists, is available to speak to media about the issues raised in A & E's show, "Intervention.
A COCAINE addict living rough in the Wrexham area has been jailed for three years and four months after a court heard he burgled the home of an 81-year-old woman.
Cocaine addict David Richardson brazenly walked into the church run by Father Denis O'Mahony and stole car keys.
A COCAINE addict fed his pounds 200-a-day habit by conning more than pounds 16,000 from a lonely, disabled woman he met on the internet, a court heard yesterday.
Former cocaine addict Lord Mancroft told the House of Lords he was appalled by conditions at a Bath hospital when he was treated there for gastroenteritis.
Cocaine addict John Cain, 23, first struck last September when a 35-year-old Kirkby woman was walking home, Liverpool crown court heard.
Naomi, 35, a former cocaine addict who beat her demons, has backed troubled Moss
Crack cocaine addict Nathan Campbell, 22, lashed out at a couple with a dog chain then followed them for 20 minutes to shake his victim's hand.
A former cocaine addict and alcoholic who had several run-ins with the law and a near-fatal overdose, Treadwell lived for three years in the mid-'80s on Whitsett Street in Sherman Oaks.
Former cocaine addict Tara puts her weight loss down to heartache over splitting with boyfriend Jamie Hargreaves.
A COCAINE addict and habitual thief is behind bars after being convicted of burglary.