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covered with cobwebs

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She'd guessed right, and how forlorn it looked there in the cobwebby dark, the doves and angels almost sinister in the shadows.
Tour dark, cobwebby bodegas piled high with barrels, and visit sherry towns such as Sanlucar de Barrameda on the Guadalquivir river mouth.
From one cobwebby back office in The Lady's crumbly London HQ to the next she went, in an attempt to locate and chop away the salaried deadwood.
The second act had an air of Tim Burton as the Wilis, the souls of jilted women, entered in cobwebby veils and danced as if controlled by strings.
Curly willow branches, papery Chinese lantern pods, and cobwebby Spanish moss from a craft store complete the look.
Sian Phillips, as Miss Havisham, is literally wheeled on and off in her cobwebby room, as is the Gargerys' humble abode, and a solid-looking backdrop evokes a glum London street.
Ancient oak and magnolia trees arch overhead festooned with cobwebby Spanish moss.
And the process that brought him back may be the most nifty ecclesiology since Pope John XXIII threw open the Vatican's cobwebby windows for the 1960s council (see story, page 12).
Despite all that's wrong, at least it looks good, particularly when we venture into Satis House to witness Miss Havisham presiding over a table creaking with crumbling, cobwebby wedding cake.
Heres a man who somehow is synonymous with a whole generation of kids childhoods myself included but whats he done aside from an episode of cobwebby old BBC drama Poldark and a handful of appearances darning Ronnie Barkers socks on Porridge?
And so invisible has the usually gobby lady been, she's been dubbed the Miss Haversham of the Cabinet (obviously because she's behaved like a hermit throughout this crisis, NOT because she looks like she's been locked in a cobwebby room for the last 50 years, although.
Ancient live-oak and magnolia trees arch overhead festooned with cobwebby Spanish moss, creating a living tunnel of foliage.
It was nearly midnight when I found this little one, tucked away between two others and all cobwebby.
So I amnot a spooky cobwebby ghost but a sparkling gold lame Elvis one.
He says: "Some were really dusty and cobwebby, particularly Marblehead Johnson.