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nut of any of several trees of the genus Corylus

stocky short-legged harness horse

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white gull having a black back and wings

adult male swan

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ambled aplomb ardebs badmen balked bardes barons basted batons beards bedamn bedlam beldam blamed breads broncs cobnut debars depots despot dopers drones fetish fisher flambe Fresno habits habitu hagbut hiders histed hognut hoiden honied jerids joined joints jurist kiblah klutzy lambed nought pedros phobia phobic posted pouted prosed quartz rhinos sabred serdab shedir sherif Shinto snored soften sonder sorned spored stoned stoped tabued thongs tonish updove
Cobnuts and filberts can be grown in any soil providing it is a sheltered spot.
Cobnuts are undergoing a "renaissance" thanks to a bumper crop and record demand for the hazelnut-like nuts.
If you are looking for productive cultivars of these, Cosford Cob and Pearson's Prolific are both excellent cobnuts and Kentish Cob and Butler are good cultivars of the filbert.
But it is an option for us; just picking a few cobnuts on a walk on a Sunday afternoon for example.
Before that, 'conkers' was played with hazelnuts, cobnuts or snail shells.
On the back of a generic NFU campaign, every produce sector from beef and milk to plums and cobnuts could add gravitas to their own promotions while consistently reinforcing the main message.
It would be a rare, good leg stretch in fresh air for me, while the children could playfully gambol along, collecting sweet chestnuts and cobnuts and looking for hedgehogs, rather than the nearest sign of a teashop.