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small nut-bearing tree much grown in Europe

nut of any of several trees of the genus Corylus

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In Kent we have cobnuts, king of the nut, Kent we have cobnuts, e nut, sadly declined in recent years but making a terrific d in but ic comeback.
Tom Baker makes some spelt bread May the chicken, owned by Tom Baker, admires her reflection Some of the ingredients for Tom Baker's nettle and cobnut pesto Tom Baker with a freshly cooked sourdough loaf by the earth oven in his back garden in Cotteridge, Birmingham.
In 1532 Sir Thomas More imagined a bad schoolboy playing games instead of going to school: `cherrystone, marrow bone, buckle-pit, spurn point, cobnut, or quoiting'.
Collier, who has moved to Cobnut Cottage, Llanarth, Dyfed, since his offences came to light, was sentenced to 52 weeks in prison suspended for 18 months and made subject to a nightly curfew for 60 days.
He is pitched against Tom Van Zeller of Van Zeller restaurant in Harrogate, North Yorkshire with his dish of Armagnac parfait and plum sorbet with cobnut praline and plum crisps.
Of course, no-one in the real world cares a cobnut (September) about this, but it makes clients feel good.
Stinging nettles - "picked from above dog-weeing height by the canal" - are incorporated in a DIY nettle and cobnut pesto.
AA cobnut is a type of hazelnut that grows in Britain.
The native Corylus avellana, sometimes known as the cobnut, is grown commercially in the South of England, but our hedgerows and some woodlands across the North are scattered with these versatile plants, providing food for hungry squirrels in autumn.
ambled aplomb ardebs badmen balked bardes barons basted batons beards bedamn bedlam beldam blamed breads broncs cobnut debars depots despot dopers drones fetish fisher flambe Fresno habits habitu hagbut hiders histed hognut hoiden honied jerids joined joints jurist kiblah klutzy lambed nought pedros phobia phobic posted pouted prosed quartz rhinos sabred serdab shedir sherif Shinto snored soften sonder sorned spored stoned stoped tabued thongs tonish updove
There is a yellow foliage form of the cobnut called C.
Plants to encourage water energy are cotoneaster adpressus, hinoki cypress (chamaecyparis obtusa), cobnut (corylus avellana contorta), hosta species and water plants.
I considered the borlotti bean and cobnut crumble, but in the end could see no further than my favourite: a risotto.