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small nut-bearing tree much grown in Europe

nut of any of several trees of the genus Corylus

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If you are looking for productive cultivars of these, Cosford Cob and Pearson's Prolific are both excellent cobnuts and Kentish Cob and Butler are good cultivars of the filbert.
It's not hard to do; a walk between farmers' belds will in season produce cobnuts, wild strawberries and mushrooms, and any Black Country canal's footpath will provide baskets of succulent blackberries and sweet apples, and wild rose hips make the most wonderful jellies and jam.
The common hazelnut, Corylus avellana, is great value, providing cobnuts in September and decorative catkins in late winter.
They planted apples, cherries and cobnuts (a cultivated variety of hazelnut) as part of the expansion of edible planting in West Kirby, as well as alder, willow and hornbeam for conservation value and to improve the look of the park.
Pick grapes when ripe, as well as nuts (hazelnuts, cobnuts and filberts) when the husks begin to yellow.
Roast fillet of beef, wild mushroom pie, accompanied by potato gratin, cobnuts and Madeira will follow, with chocolate truffle dessert.
But it is an option for us; just picking a few cobnuts on a walk on a Sunday afternoon for example.
Bryan Webb is owner/chef of Tyddyn Llan, Llandrillo, near Corwen RROOAASSTT PPLLUUMMSS WWIITTHH CCRRUUMMBBLLEE TTOOPPPPIINNGG ((ffoorr 44)) ingredients 12/18 victoria plums, depending on the size 6 tbsp caster sugar for the topping 2 tbsp plain flour 40g hard unsalted butter 1 tbsp brown sugar 4 tbsp oats 24 cobnuts or hazelnuts, chopped method.
Cobnuts are undergoing a "renaissance" thanks to a bumper crop and record demand for the hazelnut-like nuts.
Harvest cobnuts, hazelnuts and filberts when husks begin to yellow .
Before that, 'conkers' was played with hazelnuts, cobnuts or snail shells.
It would be a rare, good leg stretch in fresh air for me, while the children could playfully gambol along, collecting sweet chestnuts and cobnuts and looking for hedgehogs, rather than the nearest sign of a teashop.