cobble together

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put together hastily


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Our new Thunder Station system also ties graphics and editing together and gives smaller-market broadcasters access to an affordable, integrated solution for news and graphics production, so they don't have to cobble together a low-budget video workflow with a range of third-party systems.
Although bids came in more than $700,000 above initial estimates, Kern County officials were able to cobble together additional financing to keep the project on track.
No matter how different the occasions, there are similarities that link Gelatin's appearances, from the objects and constructions they cobble together using found materials to the way they invite the viewer to take an active role in the art experience--not to mention their staging of themselves: jolly and often naked.
Users who attempt to manage multiple Snort sensors or are looking for unified threat protection find themselves facing major challenges in either time or money as they cobble together open source or vendor developed Snort add-ons.
Having used up most of the available tricks to cobble together last year's sham budget, California leaders will be forced to get serious about confronting structural problems in the state's fiscal management.
Instead of one in-house curator, the Whitney has appointed six outside agents, each from a different corner of this vast land of ours, to cobble together the new exhibition.
But they rallied gamely for five runs, as manager Mike Scioscia played nearly every card on his bench to cobble together an uprising that culminated in Vladimir Guerrero's game-tying grand slam off Mike Timlin.
Most storage, backup/recovery and archive solutions require VARs to cobble together multiple products from multiple vendors -- they are really D2D without the server, tape or software.
For Ana Morales' relatives in America, her death also means a new struggle to cobble together enough money for her surviving children in El Salvador.
Furthermore, implementing an enterprise-scale SOA solution that supports reliable messaging like Blue Titan's is more cost-effective and lower risk than trying to cobble together an SOA from a collection of point products.