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Australian term for a pal

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However, Cobbers is not designed as a literary battlefield to pursue such military contretemps.
Before our Commonwealth cousins get too excited, a word to the wise: Hands off, cobbers, Laura's ours.
And the message, behind KP's unbeaten 177 off 188 balls for Surrey against Yorkshire, read: "You've had it, cobbers.
The Aussies are smarting, a mere 16 gold medals behind Team GB s b in the medals table and the cobbers won't take their medicine lying down.
New low for dire Aussies and it could have been MUCH worse JUST when you thought the Aussies could not get any worse, the cobbers were bowled out for 47 in Cape Town.
Upon closer inspection of the label, it turns out the souvenir crown toppers were made in Australia Strewth - the cobbers have only just been deposed as No.
Anyone who keeps the cobbers out in the field for 36 hours in one series is a ripper.
SO LONG, cobbers, thanks for coming, see you at the Gabba in November if you still fancy it.
Cobbers, a little etiquette lesson before you fly home: if God had meant us to show our part-masticated foodstuff to the general public, he wouldn't have invented lips.
The cobbers are obviously still on the dodgy side if the 31- day ban handed out to Frankie Dettori for his ride on Mamool in the Melbourne Cup is anything to go by.
The men's event also went down to a grand final penalty shoot-out, Cobbers finishing out on top against New Town Houghton.
Featuring acts Jon Gomm, Nick Harper and Keston Cobbers Club, it's a chance to relax and enjoy a field festival vibe, with the city just outside the walls.
The Southern Pie Book shares over a hundred pie receives from a former Southern Living Test Kitchen expert and owner of an Alabama bakery, and provides a fine collection of pies, cobbers and all kinds of creations with a crust.
But yesterday, well before the novelty could begin to wear off, a sell-out Edgbaston crowd of 25,000 enjoyed what has become the most rewarding of English summer pastimes - extracting the urine from our colonial cobbers.