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Australian term for a pal

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And are saying au revoir, auf weidersehn, chow, adios, see ya', g'day cobber.
Kilted cobber MacDougall, 28, will cap an amazing climb to the top of the sport when he runs out at the Millennium Stadium for his Scotland debut.
And for anyone brought up on the TV serial Skippy, that's just too much like eating yer own cobber.
When Bobby says he's packed and ready for Baku or Warsaw or Vienna or Old Trafford, tell him, 'Sorry, cobber.
56 for the former Scholes player, who is known universally as Cobber thanks to his Australian upbringing (near Melbourne).
COBBER CLOBBER: Harrison vows he'll hammer Hussein if the Aussie tries a tear-up with the champ at Braehead
Ray said: "Stone the crows, cobber - I had no idea I was related to Michael Clarke.
Craig Fletcher came in late on and hit some good boundaries, and I suddenly thought 'they want 14 an over, and he's just hit 12 with two sixes', but Cobber bowled really well at the death, and then I brought back Will who finished off Lee, and it was as near perfect as we could have wished for.
What the Ayers Rock is a cobber and why is a farm a sheep station.
AFTER the stunningly-early dismissal of top Cobber Lleyton Hewitt and leading lady Alicia Molik, there is still Mark "The Scud" Philippoussis left to cheer - but the Australian fans need a touch of the `Harry Potters' to find a champion.
OLD movie cobber Crocodile Dundee is coming back to the world's screen for the third time.
This year we've had more of an all-round performance rather than just relying on Cobber (Steve Whitwam) who carried the team on his own last year.
Some cruel cobber even tried to convince me that Fabrizio Ravanelli had re-enacted his Reservoir Dogs routine in Derby's car park.
Here's an old Hollywood tip, cobber - if you blow on your nails they'll dry faster.
Cobber, who ironically misses the first two games of the season after being suspended by the League's disciplinary board, is a former Huddersfield White Rose skipper, and now a integral member of the League's senior side.