cobalt blue

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Synonyms for cobalt blue

a shade of blue tinged with green

greenish-blue pigment consisting essentially of cobalt oxide and alumina

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With its striking cobalt-blue bottle, Ty Nant is a global brand, appearing in films such as Bond movie Die Another Day and Bridget Jones's Diary.
The Marco Polo anchored at Port Lockroy for a day in the midst of scenery straight out of paradise: crystalline blue skies, cobalt-blue waters, a string of mountain peaks appearing as snow-capped cathedrals.
The Mirror of Diana" was the name by which the ancient Romans called Lake Nemi, the cobalt-blue, perfectly spherical crater lake in which the Temple of Diana was reflected.
Two Danish beads were made of Egyptian cobalt-blue glass.
Caption: These two cobalt-blue glass beads, found in 3,400-year-old graves in Denmark, came from ancient Egypt, probably via extensive European trade routes, a new chemical analysis concludes.
And Craig is as reliable as ever, portraying a spy as icy as his cobalt-blue eyes, while Bardem's character rivals the likes of Blofeld and Jaws as one of 007's most transfixing bad guys.