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a hard ferromagnetic silver-white bivalent or trivalent metallic element

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When he saw the patient with heart failure in May 2012, he had recently prepared a lecture on the show's cobalt poisoning case, where House's future mother-in-law falls ill after receiving a faulty metal hip.
Others may have no hip problems, but may develop cobalt poisoning, which, if unrecognized, can cause permanent harm.
Pritzker and Szerlag are urging all patients with J&J-DePuy ASR artificial hips to contact them for a free consultation regarding chromium and cobalt poisoning (metalosis), their legal rights and the lawsuits pending in state and federal court.
At high levels, this can lead to metallosis, a medical condition in which metal debris builds up in the soft tissue, leading to inflammation, cobalt poisoning, and other serious conditions.
According to Lapkass, additional disadvantages not only include femoral neck fractures and general metal wear, but concerns by the Food and Drug Administration over potential chromium and cobalt poisoning have lead to recalls and legal action against certain manufacturers and have caused patients to be subjected to periodic blood analysis and monitoring.